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The Noxen are Sollarians that are born with a mangetic force surrounding their lifestream, which makes them unable to absorb the Four Stars' energy. Therefore, they are unable to have the same super human powers as the Luxen or the Alten . However, they are gifted with high intelligence, fast learning and impeccable memory, and both Luxens and Altens cannot match their minds. They also have abilities that both Luxen and Alten cannot have. Some of their abilities are still a mystery ...

In the starlight, the Noxen become sick and poisoned because of their inability to utilize the flow of lifestream in their body. Some of them describe the lifestream and their blood as two negative ends of different magnets; impossible to adhere. Therefore they make their homes in the dark Domed City.


The Noxen race's existence has been a mystery for everyone in Sollaris for a very long time. Some say that one catastrophic event gave birth to this particular species. Some refuse to believe it, especially the Noxen, since agreeing to that fact means admitting that they're not true Sollarians.

Only a very few people have knowledge of the truth, but every secret meets its end. Sooner or later, it will be revealed.

Physical CharacteristicsEdit

The Noxen are by far the most attractive of the three races
. Noxens are known for their natural dark-colored hair, a characteristic only seen in people who cannot absorb star energy. They have the most versatile eye color, the only race able to have "red irises", due to being away from the sun. However, red irises are usually seen on high level Noxen, and not by those in secondary school.


The Noxen have a more flamboyant taste in fashion than those of the Alten or Luxen race. Their clothing are made up of multicolored fabric; with either sequins arranged in patterns or voluminous skirt that billows around them.
Noxens don't need to have a chip implanted in their body to be able to identify their race. But most Noxens are tattooed with their mark and other designs as some sort of a fashion statement.
Aside from their clothing and tattoos, bizarre make-ups and nail polish are also one of their fashion trends. Some of them have it in glow-in-the-dark and neon colors, especially when attending special occasions such as parties and graduations.

This glow-in-the-dark fits with the domed city of Thollus, as it is always enveloped in darkness, projecting an iridescent collection of colors around the city.

Innate AffinitiesEdit

All Noxen have the innate elemental affinity of metal . Noxen are unable to learn any other elemental abilities.

Noxen AbilitiesEdit

Noxen memorize everything they learn. More information will be posted later.

Noxen CharactersEdit

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