Disruption chips were designed long ago by the Noxen upon request of the Luxen and Alten that lead the Sunova Institute. The disruption chip is a sort of "magnet" placed at the base of a Luxen's or an Alten's neck once they enter the Institute.

If broken, the chip "disrupts" the flow of lifestream non-permanently. However, the youngster won't be able to use any of their powers unless the chip is replaced.


The disruption chip not only helps with controlling abilities, but depending if the student is an Alten or a Luxen, a mark will appear on them. This mark notes them as firstly a Luxen if the mark is in a form of a solar flare, or an Alten if the mark is in the form of a crecsent. Secondly, the mark states that they are a part of the Sunova Institute and should not be using their powers outside of school areas.


If a young Luxen or Alten is caught using their affinities outside the permitted areas of Sunova, they are smacked with a three-day ban on all of their powers. Afterwards, the young and foolish student must visit the Domed City to have a skilled Noxen, mostly commonly called as "reformers", remove the chip so that the lifestream will be able to reorganize itself. There, a Noxen official will place a new chip on the student.